Our Team

Complete Hockey Academy is an Elite Training Academy that teaches hockey training for as young as 7 years old to professionals looking to improve their skills for a better game. Complete Hockey Academy trains out of the Niagara Region. 

We help develop skills for real game situations, this includes training all aspects of a 200-foot game. We cover proper training for all ends of the ice. From power skating, shooting, body positioning, offensive/defensive zone & many other areas of proper hockey training.

Goal: teach players the proper way to play successful hockey in a way that builds their skills in game-based situations. 

Skills: teaching the players how to take the skills that they have learned and to utilize them in a game situation. 

We have weekly training sessions that focus on all skills, we also offer multiple Camps throughout the year that focus on specific skills based on age groups.

We offer two specific types of Camps- development & elite skills and contact & elite skills. We keep our Camp sizes small so that the players get more specialized training with the coach & trainers. 

Complete Hockey Academy also does private training sessions that can focus on the skills most needed for a specific player. We offer mentorship programs for coaches & trainers who are looking to develop their teams’ skills and overall game plans, to be successful in their season. We also offer full team training programs, which focuses on all aspects of the game.